Book “How to Make a Frog jump?”

Top quality tactics for turning an excellent business strategy into a successful action!

The story goes like this: “Three frogs were sitting on a white lily in a pond. They sat all day and around evening one of the frogs decided to jump into the water. The award question is: How many frogs were left on the white lily?” Although I get different answers, from – none, to – all three of them, maybe the right answer will look like – two frogs. But the correct answer is three! One of the frogs decided to jump but it didn’t jump. This can be a problem with strategies – they may be made, but they are not implemented. Long ago, wise men said that we need to move from words to deeds. Of course, it is much easier to theorize in the comfort of your office than to prepare to work and start a “difficult physical work” of implementation somewhere in one of the operative departments.

This book will help you turn your top strategy into great tactical and operational ideas and turn them all together into actions that will bring value to you and your customers. 




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