Improvement of cash-flow – Zoo Hobby d.o.o.:


“Techniques to improve cash flow through supply optimization that Mr. Antonio Zrilić helped to implement have helped significantly to understand the structure of the tie-in inventory, its actual allocation, value, and the prerequisites for setting up the assortment management strategy.

In collaboration with Mr. Zrilić, we have developed a specific method of inventory management, product prioritization, resource investment in essential things, and optimization of the entire process.

His understanding of the specific area was crucial in organizing data, designing the method, and applying a new model of work.

Although all elements of the change have not yet been completed, without his help, we could not make that step forward and launch processes that could have long-lasting positive effects on the level of service, quality of work, and optimization of tie-in money...


Edvard Varda


Zoo Hobby d.o.o.