Book – Six Steps Inventory Optimization

A simple way ofhow to manage your inventory!

Second edition of the book Six Steps InventoryOptimization by Antonio Zrilić. This book was created as a result of consultant and coaching work with many companies.

Inventories are the result of many different strategic and tactical decisions in the whole organization, and inventory optimization is the science of making more rational and cost-effective decisions and making decisions based on as much data as possible.




The author takes you through the “jungle” of the inventory and directs you on the right path to the “holy grail”:

  • lower stock levels, and with
  • the same or higher service level
  • minimizing the risk of lost sales.

This book is just analyzing and exploring the methodology that would:

  • reduce costs of stock,
  • increase customer service level and
  • at the same time be sustainable for a longer period.

Throughsix practical steps and with a lot of examples we will try to show you the way companies should go and answer the question of how to manage your inventory better.

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