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Founder of Logiko Ltd. is Antonio Zrilić who has been working with entrepreneurs and company owners, executives and professionals since 2007 in order to help them in profitable growth, increase of profitability and enhancement of cash-flow through counseling, education and coaching. He has carried out a number of successful domestic and international projectsrelated to increase of capacity, process optimization and cost reduction (Ireland, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina). He has many years of experience and is a certified management development coach in the field of Supply Chain Management (logistics, production and procurement). 

He is the author of a unique methodology such as How to Optimize Your Stock in 6 Steps™ and Seven Skills for Successful Procurement™.  He is the author of the books Stock Management in Six Steps and How to Make a Frog jump? and he is an associate of several professional magazines and publications (Lider, Poslovni savjetnik, Ja trgovac, Progressive etc.). He is also the author of software for stock optimization and ordering StockOptimizer™.

He holds the following certificates: „Certified Management Consultant” (CMC); „Green Belt Six Sigma“; „SAP Solution Consultant Supply Chain Management” and many other coaching and consulting certificates.

He is a member of several associations such as the Supply Chain Management Association, the Croatian Association of Procurement, the Croatian Association of Exporters and CISEX (Association of Croatian Independent Software Exporters).


We share our vast knowledge from Supply Chain Management through interaction, education, coaching and counselling, and we efficiently translate difficult topics, apply them and adapt them to each client thus bringing value and benefits 

Value for our clients:

We are trying to develop the relationship first and then help the client. These are the values we provide to our customers:

  • Better and more efficient decision making and problem solving
  • Cost reduction by process optimization
  • Quicker and more efficient product placement on the market
  • Better cash flow by intelligent management of the assortment, procurement and stock
  • Better productivity of procurement, production and logistics
  • Assistance to charities that Logiko supports



LOGIKO service portfolio

    • Projects to improve liquidity (better cash-flow)
    • Increasing profitability and productivity (in production, distribution and logistics)
    • Better use of assets (assistance in construction and design of warehouses and production plants, stock optimization, process optimization in production, distribution and logistics)
    • Help with the introduction of new technologies (WMS, ERP, …)


If you are interested in a cooperation, we suggest a short meeting in your offices whenever it suits you. 

Call a consultant and solve all your dilemmas, problems and challenges NOW! 




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