Founder of the company Logiko d.o.o., specialized in consulting in Supply Chain Management. He is a renowned consultant who has advised many companies, managers, and entrepreneurs. So far, he has designed and implemented numerous projects for various companies related to cost optimization in logistics and production.

According to clients: “…he was the driving force behind the changes”; “he restored our faith that we can achieve significant and meaningful changes”; “made a quantum leap in productivity and efficiency”; “dramatically improved our cash flow…”.

He is an expert in optimizing operational processes (logistics, procurement, and production) and has years of experience in management development. He is the author of a unique methodology “Inventory Optimization in 6 Steps” and the software “StockOptimizer” (for inventory optimization and ordering).

He has authored 4 books on supply chain management and is a contributor to various professional magazines and publications (InStore magazine, JaTrgovac, Business.hr, Eukonomist, Poslovni savjetnik, Lider, Progressive, Infotrend). He is a certified SAP consultant and holds the “Green Belt Six Sigma” certificate. He is a member of the Association of Business Consultants and the Croatian Exporters and the Croatian Association for Procurement Activities

Patrick Daly is the founder and Managing Director of Alba Consulting www.albalogistics.com and helps his clients achieve supply chain excellence to accelerate profitable growth. Patrick has worked with some of the top companies in manufacturing, distribution and logistics services in Europe, Asia and the Americas to achieve dramatic improvements in logistics capabilities and supply chain performance.

Patrick is an accomplished consultant, speaker and author and has been active in the logistics sector for 23 years. He has been running his own consultancy firm since 1996.

Patrick has authored dozens of articles and blogs internationally and is a regular guest speaker and lecturer with universities and professional bodies in Europe, the Middle East, India and China including the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (Ireland), The Global Supply Chain Council (Shanghai), the Supply Chain and Logistics Group (Dubai) and VIT Chennai (India). Clients who have benefitted from working with Patrick cite the following outcomes:

  • Improved capabilities for growth
  • Improved customer service
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduced working capital
  • Improved return on invested capital
  • Acceleration of pace and urgency to achieve results
  • Reduced complexity and risk

More than thirty years of experience in managerial positions in domestic and international companies. Dozens of successful projects (Naftna Industrija Srbije, Alkaloid Skopje, Actavis Leskovac, Azotara Subotica, Frikom Belgrade, Rafinery of Belgrade, Rafinery of Pančevo, Simpo Vranje, ILR Belgrade, Ice Cream Factory…) working as a management consultant, production management, and project management consultant.

Publishes a large number of papers in these areas at scientific conferences. Former editor of the Management section in the “Računari” magazine, founder, and vice president of the Association of IT Professionals of Serbia. As a successful entrepreneur, a member of the Assembly of the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia for two terms.

Currently, the owner of the Consulting Agency KALA and works as a Forecast Pro consultant, SAP consultant, Pantheon consultant, and educator in the fields of Strategic Management, SCM (Supply Chain Management), Production Planning and Management, Project Management, and Sales Forecasting and Planning

Damir Duvnjak

Specialized in the design and redesign of business processes, improvement, and optimization of logistic processes. He worked at the trading company Magma as an Assistant to the Management Board for Logistics and as Logistics Support Manager. In the pharmaceutical company Medika, he served as the WMS Coordinator.

Currently, he is working on international projects for the implementation of SAP systems. He has been involved in projects such as the implementation of WMS systems (e.g., Salomon WAMAS), inventory management (IM), warehouse management (WM), RF terminal management, and more.

He is also a lecturer at several specialized logistics schools.

Matija Rotkvić

More than 18 years of experience in logistics in large multinational companies in the FMCG sector and petrochemical industry, with several consulting engagements in logistics.

Mostly worked outside the Republic of Croatia and currently living and working in Belgium.

Experienced in organizing customer service, optimizing the supply chain with a focus on costs and efficiency, master data processes and organization, demand planning (forecasting), implementing software solutions for demand planning, optimizing tasks within the warehouse, and warehouse layout. Currently, he is the Head of Business Planning and Optimization for the distribution chain in Europe.

Over 15 years of experience working with SAP (various modules) and advanced skills in using various applications.