Supply Chain Audit – LQ

My consulting practice has shown that partial supply chain solutions (optimizing individual elements such as inventory, production, logistics, or procurement) lead to suboptimal solutions. That’s why I decided to offer a new service related to the optimization of the entire supply chain in order to increase your company’s LQ – LOGISTICS INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENT.

What are your logistics processes and are they aligned with the structure of logistics transactions?

If you are struggling with questions like these, then call us:

  • What are your logistics processes and are they aligned with the structure of logistics transactions?
  • Is the equipment (racks, forklifts, RF devices, etc.) aligned with the processes and transaction structure?
  • Is your logistics productive or just active (benchmarked against the industry)?
  • How to calculate and reduce inventories while maintaining the desired level of service?
  • What is the structure of your inventories (segmentation according to their impact on the business and fluctuations, as well as non-current and dead inventories)?
  • What is the cash flow potential of inventories and the cash flow index of inventories?
  • What is the Resilience Index and how do you compare to the best companies?
  • What are your Supply Chain KPIs (Speed, efficiency and accuracy of the warehouse; Inventory turnover rate, customer satisfaction level, availability and ‘stockout’; Cash-Flow Index, ROI of inventories and T&E Index)?
  1. Logistics Blood Picture – through which you get a starting point and possible directions for further improvement. In this way, we want to help you make decisions about actions that will have the most impact on your results.
  2. Supply Chain Strategy and Design – Through targeted and customized interaction with management, we help you align your supply chain strategy and operations with your corporate strategic goals and define priorities.
  3. Implementation and Follow-up – we help you select and initiate specific ACTIONS to achieve excellence in supply chain processes and take them to a new level.
1. Surveys and Interviews
2. 100-Point Supply Chain Review (A snapshot of your supply chain)
3. Custom-made Workshop (Custom examples and exercises + brainstorming)
Free Photo of Man Holding a Book Stock Photo4. Follow-up
(Specific recommendations for addressing your challenges)
5. Process Optimization Proposal and Recommendations 
(Definition of critical elements, criteria, and KPIs for scenario planning and assistance to management in the structured design of optimal processes)
  • Supply Chain Strategy and Design
  • Supply Chain growth potential
  • Supply Chain efficiency – Profitabilty & Productivity
  • Logistics Operations – Supply Chain Throughput Assessment
  • Cash-flow – Inventory Management
  • Procurement – Sourcing Risk Assessment

This assessment will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your supply chain and identify areas for improvement. Our recommendations will be based on our expertise and experience, and we will work with you to implement them.

“If you want to do a quick audit of your logistics and entire supply chain and see where you are and where there is potential for improvement, Antonio is your right person …”

Tomislav Pedić, Head of procurementCromaris d.o.o.