ROI on book reading 

If you’re interested in learning, then you’re interested in books – the ROI on reading says books are the best way to go:

“For reading a Blog you need three minutes of your time and you learned about three days of authors work. For reading an article you need twenty minutes and gets you four months of authors work. For reading a book you need five hours but it gets you fifteen years of distilled authors work.”

The Art of impossible by Steven Kotler

E-Book – Why the Strategic Supply Chain Matters

SCM is a vital strategic competency in any organization. It encompasses the processes and activities necessary to design, make, deliver, and support a product or service. Disruptive forces remind us how important it is to integrate supply chain strategy with business strategy and to have well thought-out crisis management, mitigation, and contingency plans in place for when the unexpected occurs.

Table Of Contents

  • Introduction 3 
  • It Began with Vertical Integration 4 
  • Flattened Out 5 Going Global 7 
  • JIT and Lean 9 
  • Flexible, Responsive, and Resilient 11 
  • Global Crises Cause Disarray   13 
  • Where Does the Supply Chain Go Next?   16 
  • About the Authors   19
  • About SAC  25
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Logistics at the Speed of Light

Book on Logistics: Top Tactics for Accelerating Warehouse Operations and Gaining Favor with Customers and Suppliers!

This book has emerged as a result of the author’s consulting and training work with numerous companies in Croatia and the region. It will serve as a kind of LOGISTICS ACCELERATOR for every manager and professional in logistics, a guide to accelerating logistical operations.

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Six Steps Inventory Optimization

A simple way of how to manage your inventory!

Second edition of the book Six Steps Inventory Optimization by Antonio Zrilić. This book was created as a result of consultant and coaching work with many companies.

Inventories are the result of many different strategic and tactical decisions in the whole organization, and inventory optimization is the science of making more rational and cost-effective decisions and making decisions based on as much data as possible.

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Top quality tactics for turning an excellent business strategy into a successful action!

The story goes like this: “Three frogs were sitting on a white lily in a pond. They sat all day and around evening one of the frogs decided to jump into the water. The award question is: How many frogs were left on the white lily?” Although I get different answers, from – none, to – all three of them, maybe the right answer will look like – two frogs. But the correct answer is three! One of the frogs decided to jump but it didn’t jump. This can be a problem with strategies – they may be made, but they are not implemented. Long ago, wise men said that we need to move from words to deeds. Of course, it is much easier to theorize in the comfort of your office than to prepare to work and start a “difficult physical work” of implementation somewhere in one of the operative departments.

This book will help you turn your top strategy into great tactical and operational ideas and turn them all together into actions that will bring value to you and your customers

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