Inhouse trainings

Education Programs for Client Value

The working concept (in workshops led by Antonio Zrilić) is very meticulously designed, where participants are facing each other (engaging in mutual interaction and exchanging experiences) and maintaining discipline in work, with the aim of improving themselves and their knowledge.” 

Nenad Bašić, Office of the CEO, HEMOFARM

LOGIKO hold group workshops and trainings for your company with topics from Supply Chain Management (Logistics, Procurement, Production …)

As one of the advanced services that LOGIKO offers in its portfolio, there is a customized training with specific challenges tailored to the company. This is actually something between education and consulting services, incorporating elements of both.

Traditional education influences the improvement of skills and enables teams to work with expertise in supply chain management and operation, transferring new knowledge and trends derived from the best global practices. What education cannot do is perceive the broader picture and address complex problems.

LOGIKO steps into this gap and assists in aligning clients operations and goals with sales, distribution, and other parts of the company that can achieve better results than the competition only through teamwork and synergy.

Through customized training that considers the current situation in the company and moves towards improvement, the client gains greater value than standard education. Today’s problems in logistics and the supply chains are complex, and education alone cannot impact the resolution and comprehension of the broader picture.

The methods we use are the transfer of knowledge in the form of practical workshops and personal consultations and consulting projects designed for those who want to improve their knowledge.

Ways in which we can influence the success of education:

In-house workshops are closed-type education that are held in accordance with the wishes and needs of the company and with a program that is specifically designed and tailored to the needs of a client. At the core of the in-house program are the special requirements and needs of the company. As Alan Weiss, the guru of organizational development and author of 50 books, would say:

“So, what am I good forWhat can I doWell, I can set up an environment that is perfect for learning and motivation. I can provide relevant content in an interesting and funny way. I can honestly answer the questions as best as I can so that I can customize the answers to the circumstances of the attendees. I can give personal examples and show the point. I can engage audience realistically or rhetorically, so that the topics we talk about are adapted to their circumstances and problems. I can prepare carefully for a particular group, but also ad-hoc to adapt if something unexpected happens. I can keep the need of learners to learn above my ego.”

Alan Weiss


  • Visit and interview before the workshop
  • Surveys before the workshop
  • Brainstorming during the workshop

Based on what I managed to observe through data collection before and during the education, I can confirm that the logistics of the company were at a very high level compared to other businesses. However, like any excellent company, it wants to be even better, which is normal if it aims to stand out from the competition