Efficient production

Manufacturing companies are facing new challenges in today’s market environment, such as:

  • Global instability caused by the crisis
  • Demand for goods in limited series or for an increasing number of different models
  • Very rapid changes in the market
  • Incredible competition from cheap products from the East and luxury products from the West

In order to meet these challenges, we must maximize the profit from each product and minimize costs to the minimum possible extent.

Increasing productivity in manufacturing is essential for achieving a competitive advantage, reducing costs, and ensuring the sustainability of business. We propose the following key strategies that you need to implement to optimize your manufacturing processes and achieve greater results:

1. Analyze the Current State:

Before you start any changes, it is important to thoroughly analyze the current state of manufacturing. Identify weaknesses, unnecessary steps in processes, and areas that need improvement. This analysis provides the basis for directing efforts towards key areas.

2. Apply Lean Principles:

Lean manufacturing is a philosophy that focuses on eliminating waste and optimizing processes. Implementing lean principles includes reducing inventory, improving the efficiency of labor, and faster and more agile manufacturing processes.

3. Automate Manufacturing Processes:

Introducing automation into manufacturing processes can significantly increase the speed and accuracy of production. Robots, smart equipment, and automated lines help to reduce production time and minimize human errors.

4. Use Advanced Technologies:

The implementation of advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and data analytics can provide deeper insights into manufacturing processes. This allows for faster decision-making and adapting production to changes in demand or market conditions.

5. Train Employees:

A key component of increasing productivity is employee training. Ensure that your team has the necessary skills and knowledge to perform tasks in the most efficient way. Continuous training supports innovation and ensures that employees keep up with the latest industry trends.

Workshop participants on Logiko projects have the opportunity to see practical examples and results of the use of world-renowned tools and methodologies applied in Croatian companies, as well as a pragmatic view of all the pitfalls and potential problems that await companies when applying them.”


Kroz rad na radionicama i kroz praktičan rad na projektu ćete naučiti i kako prepoznati aktivnosti koje dodaju, odnosno ne dodaju vrijednost i sustavan pristup podizanja učinkovitosti proizvodnih procesa, kako organizirati rad u grupama u proizvodnom pogonu, vizualan način komuniciranja sa radnicima i mnoge druge. Više o samoj radionici informirajte se na ovom linku.

6. Optimize the Supply Chain:

An efficient supply chain is essential for the smooth functioning of production. Maintain regular communication with suppliers, optimize raw material inventory, and minimize the time required for deliveries. This ensures a continuous flow of production.

7. Analyze Performance Data:

Track key performance indicators (KPIs) to continuously assess the efficiency of production. Data analysis allows for identifying trends, identifying problems, and making timely decisions.

Through practical work on the project, you will learn how to identify activities that add or do not add value, a systematic approach to improving the efficiency of production processes, how to organize work in groups in the production plant, a visual way of communicating with workers and many others. For more information about the workshop, please contact us on tel. +385 91 222 0123 or e-mail: info@logiko.hr.



Increasing productivity in manufacturing is not just a business goal; it is a key need for survival in today’s dynamic business environment. By applying the above strategies, companies can achieve not only short-term gains, but also lay the foundations for long-term success in manufacturing. Continuous adaptation to new technologies and processes will ensure that you stay ahead of the competition.

You can get answers to these and other questions about how to manage production from our renowned experts through consulting that LOGIKO CONSULTING conducts in manufacturing companies throughout the region..