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  • Mjesto održavanja Hotel Antunović, Zagrebačka avenija 100a, Zagreb
  • Vrijeme održavanja 19.04.2018 (9,00 - 16,00 h)
  • Vaše ulaganje 1690,00 Kn + PDV (250 € za polaznike iz regije)
  • Napomena Jezik seminara je engleski (The seminar will be held on English)
  • Trener Patrick Daly & Antonio Zrilić

The warehouse has traditionally been the Cinderella department in many businesses, and this has particularly been the case in the manufacturing sector. However, the advent of supply chain management (SCM) has highlighted the importance that warehousing plays, as a vital link in the supply chain, in helping best-in-class companies to gain competitive advantage and WIN in today’s economy. 


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