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Remuneration system for the growth of a company

When we realize that the productivity of our employees is the impact power that affects our company's cash formula then we are just at the beginning. For the awareness that we need something is the first or the zero step in the process of something happening, making or launching an action. However, there is also the frustration of managers, because although they know what they need, they do not have the resources to put up and design the system so that it becomes the driving force of the company's growth, not another set of reports.

If you need a reward system that is designed to meet your needs, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

This action has several levels of functioning. One level is strategical - what we want to measure and what we want to stimulate. This level is the most important because it sets the foundation for the tool with which you will manage the company. I divide companies and their managers in two groups:

  • those who know what they want to achieve strategically with the remuneration system and already at the beginning they understand clearly the rewarding keys that should be used and installed in the model; and
  • those managers who know they need a model but are not sure how it should look like. They think that only the existence of a remuneration system will help them raise productivity. They are partially correct, but since this tool is also intended for management and leaders of the company, it must also include strategic elements that will help you ...

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