Tehnocentar - Warehouse Optimization

The seminar was instructive, inspirational, and initiated cooperation with Mr. Zrilić and his team of associates and consultants for modernizing our warehouse and processes and optimizing supplies. In September of the same year, the whole project was completed to the satisfaction of all who were involved in the process.

In addition to positive results in the field of supplies reduction and improvement of warehouse procedures and mode of operation, we in Tehnocentar can say that in Logiko we have found excellent business partner and we count on their cooperation in our future work and development.

Project of warehouse modernization and inventory optimization in the company Tehnocentar

The cooperation of Tehhnocentar d.o.o., a consumer electronics distributor, and Logiko company started in May 2010 when as a procurement director I attended an excellent seminar on Inventory optimization held by Mr. Antonio Zrilić.


Gabrijela Gelo
Procurement Director
Tehhnocentar d.o.o.

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