Croatian Charity Institute

Who are we?

Dobrotvorni institut Hrvatske (eng. Croatian Charity Institute) is a non-profit, non- governmental organization dedicated to the development of civil society. The term civil society encompasses all Croatian citizens of all age groups who are willing to embrace positive changes in those segments of the society they are currently active in.

What do we do?

Our humanitarian work consists of devising humanitarian plans that help organize and carry out humanitarian actions in order to secure funds for various projects of social importance in the Republic of Croatia.

What is our vision and what are our goals?

  • to help socially threatened families
  • to provide help in the treatment and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities
  • to support cultural events and meetings, especially those among children and the young
  • to create good conditions and provide equipment in education in the areas of special state care
  • to support scientists and their innovations
  • to organize ecological actions aimed at cleaning and maintaining public areas